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Supporting health care for mothers and children in the U.S.  and globally is not an “either or” decision as a letter writer claims responding to U.S. Rep. Dave Reichert and his Op-Ed piece “How the U.S. can save mothers and children across the globe.”

I agree that Congress needs to address the declining health of mothers and children in the U.S., but Rep. Reichert’s wonderful legislation stands on its own and should not be used as a scapegoat for our domestic health-care woes.  The Reach Act seeks to enact policy changes that will cause USAID to “execute programs under the guidance of a coordinated U.S. government strategy aimed at ending preventable child and maternal deaths, and implementing key reforms to improve the efficiency and impact of our taxpayer dollars.”

Trashing good foreign-assistance policy will do nothing to improve health care at home. Rep. Reichert should be applauded for leading this effor,  and the rest of our Washington state congressional delegation should join Rep. Adam Smith in signing on as co-sponsors as soon as possible.


Karen Gielen, Seattle