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Here we go again with the trading of blame for not getting a deal done on the state budget. There is enough blame to go around: Democrats want to negotiate new tax dollars, while the Republicans refuse.
Let’s look at some details. First of all, the Republican’s plan would raise property taxes in ‘property rich’ areas like Seattle and Bellevue. Are they not aware or simply do not care that low-wage earners in these areas would be hurt with higher rents? The Democrats would target the sale of homes with a value over $1 million.
The Democrats want a small tax on capital gains, the Republicans say no. To help pay for their proposed budget, Republicans would drastically cut or eliminate safety net programs (think before-school programs for the poor).
My question is simple. When will the Republican party cease balancing their budgets on the backs of low-income earners, the elderly, poor and disabled? If the Democrats want to negotiate on new tax issues, then negotiate and get something passed that fully funds McCleary and balances the budget without hurting our citizens.
— Art Hoffa, Federal Way