In the light of the tragedies of this last weekend, we need laws to help but what laws? We have laws against murder and assault. They punish the person committing the crimes. They provide a target for our horror and grief. But they don’t bring back the victims. They don’t stop the horror, or reduce pain, financial loss or dreams lost. We cherish freedom but, in a society, there are bounds to freedom. My freedom stops where it collides with your freedom.

Gun rights people are right, it is the shooter. Most of those who commit these tragedies exhibit sad mental attitudes toward other people and themselves. We should be talking about how do we learn to love ourselves and others. That may mean we take away the freedom of those who don’t until they can. That we work to learn how the human brain works and learn how to adjust the brain so it is able to be happy in a society with others.

In the meantime, take away guns that are only needed in warfare. Spend more money in mental-health research. Provide funds for all health research, and provide clinics and facilities to administer the results

Donna Osseward, Seattle