As The Seattle Times’ Free Press initiative continues to expose the serious nature of closing newspapers across the U.S., please lift up the crisis in Israel, as it continues to attack reporters who seek to expose war crimes and colonial violence.

While a cease fire has been declared against the carpet-bombing of Gaza, Israel continues to step up violence against the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood by blockading the neighborhood and arresting and abusing reporters, like Givra Budeiri of Al Jazeera, who seek to expose the truth about the behavior of the police and army.

Palestinians are being forced out of their homes, by the police, army and courts, so the homes can be given to new Jewish settlers from the U.S. Existing neighborhoods are being demolished for newly conceived parks and viewpoints.

Protesters are being arrested, Palestinians prevented from visiting their neighbors, while Jewish settlers are allowed to walk freely in the neighborhood, armed with guns.

Please expose this ongoing colonial violence with clear reporting. Violence under any name harms people and governments, even ones that call themselves democratic.

The Rev. Richard K. Gibson, Lynnwood, Presbyterian Church USA Israel-Palestine Committee