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The Seattle/King County Clinic puts a spotlight on a health-care crisis in our community: The number of people who don’t have access to health care is large enough to fill an arena [“Thousands get health care through free clinic at KeyArena,” Local News, Oct. 28].

The situation is particularly bad when it comes to dental needs. Fewer than one-fourth of adults on Medicaid are actually getting any dental care. Community health centers are one of the few options for them, and we simply don’t have the capacity to meet the demand.

Without a dental clinic at my community health center in Central Seattle, our patients have limited alternatives. A survey of our patients revealed that two-thirds are getting no regular dental care. The clinic at KeyArena is a needed stopgap, but expanding the number of permanent clinics is the real solution.

Linda M. McVeigh, Seattle, executive director of Country Doctor Community Health Centers