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Watching the beginning of the July Fourth celebration over Seattle on TV, there was nothing to indicate Seattle was celebrating the Fourth of July because the music was not even something our family would listen to.

Changing the channel and watching how the Fourth of July was being celebrated in New York City, it was all about our United States becoming independent and the military men and women who fought for our freedom. The music was about how America came into being, and the men and women from the West Point Glee Club who sang those beautiful words left me in tears, knowing my dad fought for our country in France, in World War I. The New York City celebration showed young men and women with their families and some in uniform cheering the music and fireworks. Thank You, New York City, for knowing why we celebrate the Fourth of July.

Shame on whoever put on the Seattle fireworks display for not doing what the Fourth of July was meant to celebrate.

Patsy Gee, Federal Way