Re: “Biden plans to open more public land to drilling” [April 16, Nation & World]:

President Joe Biden campaigned on the promise of “no more drilling on federal lands.” But he is calling for more oil leases being offered, abandoning his campaign promise, which was heralded as significant to his base.

Biden should declare a climate emergency in response to the war in Ukraine and use the Defense Production Act to encourage companies to convert gas to electric heat pumps here in the U.S. and also to sell heat pumps to Europe. Congress needs to quickly incentivize our change to electricity, especially cars and transportation.

Putting a rising price on carbon in the reconciliation bill is the fastest way to bring CO2 pollution down by 45% in 10 years. It could happen quickly, create millions of jobs, save thousands of lives and cut down the use of fossil fuels.

Help Biden support Ukraine and the climate crisis at the same time. Tell him to keep his promise to end drilling on public lands and switch to alternative energy now.

Anne Engstrom, Seattle