Re: “New work requirements end food stamps for 700K” [Dec. 5, A2]:

It was with great sadness that I read that food stamps, and free and reduced lunch would be cut for so many. I work in a high school and help provide families provisions to keep them going while struggling economically. Families that I help have jobs, although they may be minimum-wage jobs. Their paychecks just can’t feed their families for a month.

I also provide snacks for our teens who are hungry. Last year, on average, I had 16 teens a day. This year I have 36 or more. Cutting off their free and reduced lunch and taking away Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program cards from families is just the lowest point for America.

This is mean-spirited and cruel. This is not the America I am proud of. I hope enough people speak out in outrage and this can be reversed. But given the current administration, which is clueless as to how working people put in hours to provide for their families and oblivious to what it is like to have a need, I doubt anything will change except in the lives of the families that will be impacted and unable to have access to food.

Wendy Wands, Woodinville