Re: “ ‘Unimaginable’: Mount Vernon dairy farmers reeling from flood devastation” [Nov. 27, Local News]:

Only the level, scale and sustained effort of the land preservation and reclamation practiced by Dutch engineers and builders during the past 2,400 years will eventually salvage the flooded flatlands of Skagit and Whatcom counties. Since the beginnings of settlement in the area of northwestern Europe now called the “low” countries Dutch engineers and builders have systematically constructed the canals, dikes, drainage and pumping systems that have reclaimed more than 25 million acres of land from the bottom of the North Sea.

All of this area is below sea level, but today farms, towns, roads, bridges, railways and people are kept high and dry by this system. Generations of scientists, engineers and builders have put in place functioning civil engineering that has protected tens of millions from flooding and devastation.

I suggest that a generous slice of the budgets from Skagit and Whatcom counties, plus from the state, be directed toward consulting with the most reliable civil engineering enterprises in Holland. Then, following their shared analysis, those areas of the state should undertake what will be a decadeslong project of putting in place the flood and land reclamation projects that will keep those valuable farmlands producing into the next century.

Maurice Regnier, Seattle