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Re: “So what if Melania isn’t traditional?”

The role of first lady is not only archaic, it is sexist. When we finally elect a woman to the presidency of the United States, who will serve in the archaic role of first lady? Who serves in that role in other countries that are now or have been led by women in the top job?

The assumption is that the top job will always be a man with a wife and that the wife will then serve as first lady, doing all the “women’s stuff” that is associated with that role, and then some. I live and long for the day when we elect a woman as president and watch what happens then to the spousal role of first gentleman.

Never mind if we elect a president in the future of either sex who is single and/or not traditionally “straight.” Then who becomes first lady? Get rid of the role. It’s way overdue.

Pamela Clerico, Edmonds