Re: “High weekend temperatures, fire safety concerns prompt Stage 1 burn ban for unincorporated King County” [June 24, Local News]:

With the intense heat and high fire danger, why, why, why are fireworks being allowed this year? There are already fires all around and King County is allowing fireworks stands to open — total insanity.

Thurston County has banned fireworks this year on an emergency basis. Why won’t King County take this common-sense measure?

We have lived in unincorporated King County since 1994, and fireworks have been a hellish nightmare the entire time. We can no longer even stay at our house because our dog is terrified, tries to leap out of windows and worse. So we have to go stay at a hotel. Aside from dealing with this, we now have to be worried that our house will catch on fire due to record-breaking heat. So why in the world is King County allowing fireworks stands to open and sell?

Please, please, please put an emergency ban on explosives due to this severe heat. If you don’t care about animals, please do it so our houses don’t burn down.

Deborah Jarrell, Renton