On April 8, the Lake Forest Park City Council voted unanimously to oppose the merger of Northshore Fire Department into Woodinville Fire and Rescue.

At the Public Hearing, Acting Fire Chief Greg Ahern spoke in favor of the ballot proposition, and Northshore Fire Department Lt. Jeremy Jamerson spoke against. Members of the public and Northshore firefighters who serve Lake Forest Park gave public comments.

Council members asked questions of Chief Ahern and Lt. Jamerson to further understand the proposition and explore topics raised by the public comments.

Before their unanimous vote, council members expressed common concerns including:

• The wisdom of moving ahead with the ballot measure when firefighters are opposed,

• Lack of clear, convincing financial data supporting the merger,

• Uncertainty of future LFP representation on a combined district Board of Commissioners,

• Potential of future growth in Woodinville leaving LFP behind, and

• Merger proposal is not in line with the values nor in the best interests of the citizens of Lake Forest Park.

Mayor Jeff Johnson concluded by expressing appreciation of the service provided by the firefighters and acting chief, and encouraged them to recommit to working together to serve the citizens of Lake Forest Park.

Phillippa Kassover, deputy mayor, city of Lake Forest Park