As we witness the enactment of voter-suppression laws in Georgia, and more on the horizon in other states, it is abundantly clear that it is time to end the filibuster. Our U.S. senators must take a stand for democracy by working to abolish this obstructionist tool nurtured by racism. Legislation such as S.1 (The For the People Act), S.4263 (John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act) and H.R.51 (Washington, D.C., Admission Act) must be passed to ensure that all voices are heard and our democracy is preserved.

Through a raging pandemic, voters risked their lives to vote in the 2020 elections. We need our elected leaders to honor their sacrifice. Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, please listen to the words of Sen. Raphael Warnock in his first floor speech when he stated, “It is a contradiction to say we must protect minority rights in the Senate while refusing to protect minority rights in society.”

Abolish the Senate filibuster!

Louise Pathe, Kirkland