Re: “Ferry fury in WA hits boiling point” [July 22, Local News]:

The article completely missed the real problem. Though there are people who cut-in, it’s a minor issue compared to the core problem frustrating the commuters on the Washington State Ferries system. They are at a boiling point because the system is still not back to its pre-pandemic operating standards.

Bremerton is down to a one-ferry schedule, as is Kingston frequently and sporadically. Additionally, when a ferry or facility breaks down, there are no timely backup boats or mitigating provisions in place. For more than a year, this has led to extremely excessive and unpredictable wait times at hot and crowded terminals and very frustrated commuters. And then, once aboard there are often dirty restrooms and no food available. No wonder they rage over a line cutter.

We are told the reason is staffing shortages. If so, those in charge need to do something about it, immediately and decisively. Hire and train, and offer incentives if needed.

Lastly, a list of times to avoid is a Pollyanna concept. Many users have inflexible schedules for doctors’ appointments, events, flights, critical meetings, etc. What we need to mitigate frustration is to have two ferries on every route at all times.

Carolyn Bosi, Poulsbo