Re: “Wonder where your food comes from? Ask a Washington farmer” [July 19, Opinion]:

I was a family farmer during the brutal, “Get Big or Get Out” farm crisis in the 1980s. Although I no longer farm, I continue to root for every family farmer to be successful. So I was dismayed by a paragraph in this Op-Ed. The author pointed to regulations and laws as impeding farmers’ ability to farm, but she failed to mention that some of those regulations and laws are meant to mitigate the “wild weather bringing everything from drought to floods” that a recent article [“Rising costs, from fuel to feed, are pushing dairy farmers over the edge,” July 13, Agriculture] listed as a complicating factor in farming.

Extreme weather fueled by climate change is a bigger threat to the future of farming than the price of tractors. Hopefully, farmers will use the laws and regulations meant to fight climate change as part of their strategy for successful farms that will carry forward into future generations.

Sheri Jacobson, Kent