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The company you keep

Based on White House chief of staff John Kelly’s distortions about U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson’s speech at the dedication of an FBI building in Florida, and also his comments about how women (as well as religion, life, Gold Star families) used to be “sacred” but are no longer, I wonder if he isn’t spending way too much time with President Donald Trump.

Nancy Moore, Bothell


Remember decorum?

In normal times, we expect our president to serve as our consoler-in-chief. But even in normal times, there can be a misstep. Such as when a congressperson happens to be witness to a phone call from the president to the spouse of a fallen soldier. In normal times, we would expect that congressperson to contact the White House with a “heads up” that the phone conversation was not received as intended so that a fragile situation could be rectified.

In normal times, we would not have a president trashing former presidents because he finds himself caught not taking any action with fallen soldiers. Nor would our president call Gold Star families or members of Congress liars. Nor would our White House chief of staff, a retired four-star general, fabricate a false story about a congressperson.

It’s a shame. These should be normal times … even be the best of times.

Robert Evan Jones, Seattle



I am so very sorry for the loss of Sgt. La David Johnson. I am also very sad that this story is going on and on.

There is a disconnect between what a man like Gen. John Kelly can hear about his son’s death but what a woman hears about the same type of death. Kelly can understand the words “your son did what he loved to do” because he was in the armed services. A mother who is mourning the death of her baby hears something quite different.

All service members need to be honored for their service, not argued about because of words or the lack thereof by a man who has never suffered such loss or admitted that he was ever wrong about anything.

Inger Andersen, Edmonds