Re: “New I-5 bridge over Columbia long overdue”:

The Republicans the editorial blames were listening to the people the bridge would most affect. Spending billions to install a bridge with the same number of traffic lanes (three each direction) would do nothing to ease traffic congestion and was a foolish idea. Light-rail and pedestrian paths will not ease traffic. Forcing it on the taxpayers by saying we’ve spent too much to stop this bad idea is insulting and bullying.

The whole freeway system is undersized in the Greater Portland metro area. It’s time to use resources to meet our needs.

Yes, there is no question that we need a new bridge. We needed it a dozen years ago. We need a bridge that will carry the traffic load now with room for inevitable increase in the future. For the majority of people, bikes, trains and buses are not a realistic mode of commuting and are not effective at reducing traffic.

It’s time that politicians actually listened to the people they represent.

If you really want to think green and reduce pollution, reduce the time people have to sit in stop-and-go traffic. If the goal is to keep driving a political wedge, keep up the antics.

Bill Ingemanson, Battle Ground