Hearing from Facebook’s whistle-blower and learning that founder Mark Zuckerberg’s next big project is working on the “metaverse” should be cause for enormous concern.

Raymond Kurzweil, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) promoter who works for Google, eagerly talks of “the singularity” — the time when our brains will be electronically connected to the metaverse — as the next “great leap of human evolution.”

Human social relations, developed on the ground, face-to-face, over millions of years have already been destabilized and sucked into Facebook’s early iteration of “metaverse” dynamics. The metaverse was never born, does not die, has no biology and no biography.

Warnings by leading thinkers, including Stephen Hawking, and the growing evidence of the damage that Facebook’s AI algorithms have done to societies all round the world are flashing red lights we must respond to, before it is too late.

Michael Preston, Bellingham