Re: “AP Fact Check: Trump’s portrait pique and other distortions”:

The first item of the roundup focused on President Donald Trump’s claim that ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch was “bad” (presumably, disloyal) because, after his inauguration, she intentionally delayed hanging the new president’s official photograph in the U.S. embassy. According to the fact-check article, the delay was not intentional but, rather, resulted from the delay by the White House in distributing official photographs of the president.

For readers who might be inclined to believe the president, let me offer eyewitness testimony in support of the fact check. In my capacity as an attorney, I am a frequent visitor to the Federal Detention Center in SeaTac. Since the facility opened more than two decades ago, photographs of the current president, the current attorney general and the current director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons have been displayed near the screen-in desk, visible when one enters the facility. I remember how quickly the photograph of Barack Obama went up, one day after he was inaugurated in 2009. One day! When Trump was inaugurated, Obama’s photograph was promptly removed, leaving an empty space. Many months passed before a photograph of Trump appeared there.

Allen Bentley, Seattle