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David Brook’s column in The Seattle Times brushes aside the Millennial Generation for not supporting traditional American values of “individualism, achievement and flexibility,” and, even more egregious, fundamental American culture [“Living Bernie Sanders’ Northern European dream,” Opinion, Feb. 14].

I find his attitude immensely insulting to both millennials and every American regardless of their age who feel that having one in six children go to bed hungry every night is too high a price to pay for our culture, fueled by greed and avarice, that David Brooks extols.

He also insults all the dreamers, scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs who do not use money to count their achievements.  While David Brooks and the present political establishment on both sides of the aisle seem clueless as to why Bernie Sanders is so popular need to understand why many of the consequences of our culture are now unacceptable to millennials, or they will be pushed aside as irrelevant.

John D. Locatelli, Maple Valley