Re: “How will Interbay handle 4,500 Expedia employees?”:

The 2,900 anticipated car trips the Interbay and Queen Anne neighbors fear can be substantially mitigated by placing a passenger-only ferry terminal at the Expedia site and moving commuters across Puget Sound to the affordable Kitsap Peninsula.

Passenger-only ferry service is relatively simple to implement, so it can be in service before the Expedia employees arrive in February. Ferries are an environmentally responsible alternative to single-occupancy vehicle and buses because the new boats can carry 350 passengers at a time. And passenger-only ferries are affordable. Seattle-side parking costs are eliminated for the commuter, and farebox recoveries on ferries are on average twice what they are for buses.

The biggest issues facing ferry-service expansion is adequate terminal space on the waterfront. Expedia has that and so does the Port of Seattle. A public-private partnership between Expedia and the port to construct terminal capacity would benefit the entire region.

Peter Philips, Normandy Park