Re: “Seattle council votes to ban some school-year and post-pandemic evictions, guarantee lease renewals” [June 7, Business]:

It is time for landlords to get relief in the form of rents being paid. Allowing renters to continue to live for free in rentals across Washington, and in Seattle and King County specifically, has to come to an end.

Landlords don’t get a reprieve from their banks on mortgages, so they should expect to start getting paid for rentals again. To continue the practice of “rental relief” is only damaging landlords, and eventually will lead to a rental-market collapse due to foreclosures on properties for lack of ability to pay the mortgages. For landlords who only have a single rental, such as backyard houses or apartments, which the city of Seattle actually encouraged to increase rental properties, that means 100% loss of revenue.

Do homeowners who have actually kept their mortgages current get any property-tax relief? No, what they get is increased taxes. There is already a housing shortage, and this practice only dissuades builders by putting builders’ and owners’ income in question.

Ron Hopper, Carnation