I am writing to bring notice of the climate demands that Washington’s youth are calling for. The toxic, liquefied natural-gas facility in Tacoma was recently approved, and it plans to operate in 2021. This new project is harmful to Washington state’s priority to create a healthy climate for its residents.

Conversation and action on this topic are necessary, and, at this point, all generations across our state must unite so that we can move toward a clean, sustainable future.

It is becoming increasingly important that legislation actually supports efforts to adapt to climate change, which is why Washington’s youth are lobbying in Olympia Jan. 24. We have begun drafting legislative demands, which will call on politicians to ensure a significant reduction of greenhouse gases in Washington state by 2025. To do this, our legislation must be supportive of a policy that penalizes companies for exceeding carbon-reduction goals. Further, new fossil-fuel infrastructure must be denied, and all current expansions must halt.

We do not have much time left.

Chloe Brush, Everett