WA Democrats, you’re proving your tax critics right” [Feb. 24, Local News] overlooked an important tax credit that will put cash into the pockets of low-income Washington families.

Last year, lawmakers finally funded the Working Families Tax Credit. Starting in 2023, this state credit will put up to $1,200, depending on eligibility and family size, into the pockets of more than 420,000 Washington households. This support will help people who continue to struggle.

We’re the first state in the nation without an income tax to implement such a credit. We’re also ensuring Individual Taxpayer Identification Number filers are included in eligibility, which will help support many members of the immigrant community.

It’s on us all to ensure our neighbors and loved ones know about this credit so people who are eligible can receive much-needed cash.

Emily Vyhnanek, Washington State Budget & Policy Center, Seattle