The Op-Ed “A road map for reparations” [April 17, Opinion] by Clyde W. Ford should be the kickoff for more articles and discussion of reparations to Black people. Reparations is a contentious and very complicated topic but must be addressed. I would prefer we do something at the national level, but that seems unlikely in this political environment.

For now, it is up to states and cities to form task forces to discuss reparations. Last year, Evanston, Illinois, was the first city in the nation to develop a program to pay reparations to some Black residents. California now has a task force to develop reparations proposals.

Washington state should set up a similar reparations task force. As the Op-Ed points out, Washington already has experience in developing reparations for Japanese Americans who were imprisoned under Executive Order 9066.

The road map to reparations may vary from city to city or state to state, but at least we will be on the road to acknowledging the debt due to Black Americans.

Kristi Weir, Bellevue