Re: “Centrist senators must save Equality Act from itself” [March 21, Opinion]:

The recent Op-Ed by Marian Edmonds-Allen and Derek Monson is wildly off-base. As a religious gay man (I have been a leader in several synagogue congregations) and an active civil libertarian, I see no conflict between the terms of the proposed Equality Act and religion.

Nothing in the statute would curtail religious beliefs or practices. If enacted, it would only forbid discriminatory commercial conduct. Just as no one can plausibly claim that their religion requires (or even allows) them to refuse to sell merchandise to Black people, they shouldn’t be able to refuse to be in a commercial transaction with a lesbian.

They can believe whatever they wish, pray however they wish, under federal law. And still our country can decide that LGBT people be treated the same as straight ones in the marketplace.

Phil Bereano, Seattle