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Nicole Brodeur thinks it’s not fair that players on the U.S. women’s national soccer team are paid just $99,000 each if they win 20 “friendlies,” while players on the men’s team would earn $263,320 for the same feat [“For female athletes, equal pay is not a game,” Local News, Oct. 18]. In the same column she says that “the men’s team generates three times more revenue for U.S. Soccer than the women’s team.”

If anything, it seems that either the men are underpaid or the women are overpaid. Perhaps in a perfect world everyone would be paid the same, and an outfielder for a minor league team would be paid the same as a starting pitcher for the Yankees. In the real world, however, entertainers who sell a lot of tickets get paid more than players who don’t.

Carl Schroeder, Olympia