In the last couple of weeks, we have had two truck accidents on the Maple Valley Highway. What will happen when the proposed asphalt plant opens and adds hundreds of trucks a day?

Almost a century ago this proposed site was a coal mine. Would we allow a major mining operation today so close to the Cedar River? I suspect the taint of coal would make that proposal dead on arrival. Why is an asphalt plant any different?

That coal mine, the New Black Diamond, was serviced by railroad and was in the middle of nowhere at the time. In the 21st century, we are developing so fast, and the traffic has increased all along this major highway. How can we add more big rigs to the intersection of State Route 169 and Interstate 405? That intersection is already two lights long to access either Renton or the freeway system.

We need to stop this polluting proposal. It not only will impact salmon on the Cedar River but also the quality of life along this corridor. Who can put the final no on this proposal? Stop it from floundering around in permit purgatory now.

Robin Adams, Seattle