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I am encouraged by such strong voter turnout in the recent midterm election, and congratulate all candidates who ran for office. And I encourage our local political leaders to take meaningful action to protect our state’s ecosystems: coasts and forests, rivers and lakes, mountains and valleys.

They are essential far beyond just offering their scenic beauty. Our state’s forest lands filter carbon dioxide and other potentially harmful gases from the air each year. They serve as critical habitat for endangered and threatened species such as woodland caribou, lynx and burrowing owls. And it sure is a gift to spend time in forests ourselves. Haven’t some of our finest memories come from hiking, biking, hunting, fishing and wandering in these places?

I kindly ask us all, including those who hold political office, to spend some time in a favorite nature nook. Try walking to a stream to watch the water ripple over stone, or bring your family hiking on a beloved trail.

Whatever form our nature connection takes, we will likely emerge calmer, wiser and happier for it.

Rebecca Canright, Rockport