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Thank you for Dr. Dhruv Khullar’s article “Let’s talk about death.  Before it’s too late, a doctor writes.

In 1995 I coordinated an End of Life conference at the University of Washington which was well attended and included a  workshop titled “How To talk To Your Family About Death and Dying.”  Among eight simultaneous workshops this was by far the most popular.

Dr. Khullar rightly states that, “Talking about death will never be easy, but it is increasingly necessary.”  His colleagues agree. In a nationwide survey of more than 700 physicians who see older patients, 99 percent say end-of-life conversations were important  (Washington State Medical Association Reports 2012).

End of Life Washington promotes education and discussion about all end-of-life options and advocates for completion of Advance Directives so that physicians, family and friends are fully informed about a patient’s wishes.  It is indeed the best and the only way for us to get the kind of care we want.


Midge Levy, board member, End of Life Washington, Seattle