I am beyond appalled at the complete fecklessness of the Seattle mayor and city council [“Seattle schools face task of finding shelter for homeless,” July 7, Northwest].

Seattle Public Schools would like the homeless camp adjacent to the playground at Broadview-Thomson K-8 school removed, in a compassionate manner, before students return in September. The mayor has indicated that it is the problem of the school district to find alternate shelter and services for the residents of the camp, and has refused to allocate city funds for the purpose, “saying the encampment is mostly on district property.”

What?! I suppose she is also waiting for the parks department to find shelter and services for all of the homeless campers crowding our city parks. This is classic buck passing and the reason why nothing meaningful is ever accomplished by our current city government. Don’t even get me started on the pathetic state of police protection (rather, lack thereof) in our fair city.

I am incredulous at this lack of concern for the safety of our school children. A thorough housecleaning is needed at City Hall.

Madeleine Brindle, Seattle