Columnist Danny Westneat lays it all out so eloquently in “Homeless shelter sits empty as leaders squabble” [April 24, Northwest]:

Un-be-liev-able! Is it any wonder that Seattle’s homelessness problem only gets worse as we spend more money year after year? We have 40 completed tiny houses for those who are homeless, but the Regional Homelessness Authority (RHA) won’t fund them; we’re not told why. Instead, the houses sit empty, and guards are paid to make sure that the homeless don’t break in and live in them.

I can’t help but question the leadership of RHA CEO Marc Dones. If this isn’t a perfect project for the RHA to fund, what in the world is?

Thank you to former Seattle City Councilmember Sally Bagshaw for bringing this to light, and thank you to Westneat for telling it so eloquently. As he says, truly Kafkaesque.

David von Wolffersdorff, Seattle