Re: “Supportive housing for chronically homeless saves lives and money”:

It was with great interest that I read of Plymouth Housing’s campaign that will allow the construction of eight new buildings and renovation of five downtown historic buildings. Now 800 people who may have ended up in Harborview or in jail will be in safe, supportive housing.

One of those buildings will be across the street from my apartment on First Hill. We have a committee addressing the issue of homelessness in our neighborhood. We donate clothing and furniture, we write checks, we make and distribute sandwiches, we host nonprofits. Now the presence of Plymouth Housing on First Hill will provide additional volunteer opportunities.

Twenty years ago I came to Seattle from Chicago to serve in the Jesuit Volunteer Eldercorps. My assigned ministry was to Plymouth Housing. I took an elderly woman suffering from depression to her first symphony ever. I shopped for furniture for those getting their first home in years. And I accompanied a terrified woman to the dentist to have a tooth pulled. It will be a pleasure to once again participate in being part of the solution to the crisis of homelessness in our community. I hope others on First Hill will join me.

Helen Donnelly Goehring, Seattle