Re: “Electric vehicles: Charging time” [May 25, Opinion]:

I shared the letter writer’s reluctance to adopt electric vehicles until last year, when my (COVID-negative, properly-quarantined) son visited from Southern California, traveling in his electric Tesla Model 3. On his return home, he experimented, completing the trip from Seattle to Los Angeles (1,140 miles) in one long day at an average trip speed of 60 mph. I doubt my dinosaur-eater could do better.

Two things worked in his favor. First, the charging infrastructure along Interstate 5 is already good. Second, my son understands battery chemistry and charge management. He spent a total of one hour and 52 minutes at multiple charging stops, recharging quickly but only partially, since “topping off” a battery takes longest.

His “cannonball run” changed my mind. Motors and batteries can replace internal combustion engines and fuel tanks. But full adoption of the technology will require rebuilding the rest of the electrical generation and distribution system to support a new constellation of charging stations. And maybe we’ll have to deal with a lineup at “the pumps” on holiday weekends.

1,140 miles in 19:02: How much farther and faster do North Americans want to go in their own cars?

Paul S. Smith, Mill Creek