Re: “Many in WA oppose gas-car ban, poll shows — but electric vehicle demand is high” [Nov. 1, Local News]:

I own an electric vehicle and have used it on road trips around the West. While I understand that purchasing a new electric vehicle is not for everyone, I appreciate the benefits that have come with owning one, including saving money on fuel and maintenance. While I hear a lot of chatter about not being able to find a charging station when low on electricity, I have rarely experienced this myself and access to charging is only improving with new investments.

It’s exciting to see clean vehicle policies come through to Washington and provide more accessibility and options for more folks to purchase electric cars — new and used. More electric cars on the road will help reduce carbon emissions to combat climate change and reduce toxic air pollutants.

I’m looking forward to seeing more EV owners on the road as we look toward a cleaner transportation future.

Gregory Lull, Seattle