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The article about the race for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 9th District clearly illustrates why we now have Donald Trump as president.

Followers of Bernie Sanders who are unwilling to accept anything except their ideas and spurn any kind of compromise sat out the 2016 election after their candidate didn’t win the Democratic nomination.

Their refrain that each candidate was as bad as the other, and Hillary Clinton was just uninspiring, enabled the Republicans to get elected the most authoritarian president this country has ever hadl; to stack the federal courts and the Supreme Court with extremely conservative judges, who will be in place for decades; and to make the United States a laughingstock on the world stage and a country not to be trusted.

Carry this mindset into the 2018 elections, and we won’t get a check on this administration in Congress and into the 2020 elections, and we’ll have Donald Trump for four more years.

What kind of country will be left in 2024?

Robert Oberlander, Issaquah