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I find it really amazing that since the capture of “El Chapo” there is a great clamor to extradite him to the U.S. for trial [“Mexico ready this time to send ‘El Chapo’ to U.S. to face trial,” Nation & World, Jan. 11]. And he should be as the Mexican government can’t seem to keep him in jail.

But it’s amazing how the desire to get El Chapo into an American courtroom is so great but not so much the prisoners in Guantánamo. That’s amazing.

Are the Guantánamo prisoners more dangerous to America than the leader of a bloodthirsty drug cartel? I don’t think so. What are we afraid of?

For any of the truly guilty at Guantánamo (Khalid Sheikh Mohammed), we could’ve had them tried and convicted 10 years or so ago and incarcerated at one of our supermax prisons.

The shame that is Guantánamo must remain on the people of America.

Richard B. Ellenberger, Normandy Park