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As a student in the Master’s in Education Policy Program at the University of Washington, I know how crucial investing in Seattle’s youngest population is firsthand [“What Seattleites would pay for education levy,” NWThursday, April 25].

Investing in the Seattle Preschool Program is critical because it is giving our most-vulnerable children the foundation necessary to succeed in school and life. It is providing protective factors for children facing socio-economic barriers — for example, social support from nonfamily members, opportunities for education and other prosocial activities, and effective classroom management.

Thus, Seattle Preschool Program is more than a pre-kindergarten education; it’s an opportunity for children to have access to environments promoting resiliency in their daily activities.

I urge the City Council and Seattle voters to continue to invest in the program, as we know high-quality preschool programs can have a positive impact on future adult outcomes. We are not only investing in young children but also in Seattle’s future.

Julie Ann Campos, Seattle