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Re “Beyond McCleary: 6 steps on to-do list”:

The improvements the editorial cites would benefit not just our children, important as that is. They would have profound long term beneficial impacts on our communities, state and nation. A well-educated populace would become well-employed taxpayers, actual contributors to our common good. The cost of our criminal-justice and prison systems would be reduced as would those necessary to provide for mental-health care, relief to the homeless and welfare. I would add to the list more parent education to help those who were poorly parented learn better skills. Research has also shown that replacing the current K-12 educational system with one serving those 2 to 22 could have a significant positive potential.

We have been unwilling to make such expenditures a priority. The truth is we can spend the money now to improve our educational system or we can continue to spend it on the courts, prisons, fighting homelessness and helping those who are struggling among us.

The question is what are our priorities?

Anne Avery, Tacoma