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A recent Times editorial [“4 things the Legislature must tackle now,” Opinion, Jan. 11] included some excellent examples for needed funding of very worthy programs — services for homeless youths, mental-health services, firefighting. But we all know that currently there are projected revenue deficits with current obligations to support, the biggest being public education as required by the constitution and mandated by the state Supreme Court.

We agree with the need for additional funds. We also need agreement that there is a need for additional funding sources.

We are disappointed by the chorus of those who call for additional funding without also supporting new revenue options to pay for them. It is simple arithmetic: We cannot meet the undeniable needs of the state without identifying additional revenue. Many vital state programs have seen drastic reductions during the recession. We cannot cut these programs further without putting significant parts of our population at risk. Whether it is closing tax loopholes for business, establishing a capital-gains tax or some other fair means of new revenue, we must find the revenue.

Based on recent rhetoric, we apparently need revenue to fund improved math education.

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Ann Murphy, Spokane, president of the League of Women Voters of Washington