Re: “DeSantis signs bill mandating communism lessons in class, as GOP leans on education”:

Florida’s House Bill 395 was signed by its governor, mandating at least 45 minutes of instruction about the evils of communism on “Victims of Communism Day.” The irony is Florida will “educate” its children about the atrocities of communism but bans “reflective learning” about our own country’s history of atrocities, a history that includes our racist legacy from slavery, our extermination of Indigenous populations and our heartless incarceration of Japanese Americans.

My hope would be that Florida teachers take this opportunity to focus on events that Gov. Ron DeSantis failed to mention. Educate students about “history in the making” with Putin’s immoral invasion of Ukraine and the war crimes his armies are inflicting on the people.

Peggy Thesing, Shoreline (retired special education teacher)