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Editor, The Times:

During the campaign, President-elect Donald Trump made some ridiculous statements to garner support. His latest statement that he will not prosecute Hillary Clinton [“Trump backs off campaign vows on Clinton, climate; distances self from white supremacists, Front Page, Nov. 23] is a great opportunity to turn the tables on him. Clinton should loudly and proudly insist that he go after her for her alleged crimes.

Trump should appoint a special prosecutor to throw Clinton in jail. Of course, that’s not how our system works, and the FBI has cleared her of wrongdoing.

Trump should also be called out to do all the other things he said he’d do: Build the wall on the Mexican border; throw women who have abortions in jail; change libel laws so he’s immune from criticism; ban Muslims from entering the USA; dismantle Obamacare; throw 11 million Mexicans out of the country; power up the coal industry and blacken the skies with soot.

Clinton has a great opportunity to show Americans she doesn’t need a pardon. Do this for all Americans who understand that we don’t live in a dictatorship.

Greg James, Mercer Island