I had a graduate-school course years ago that gave strong advice to businesses: Find your core, your essence, and build your mission statement. The employees at this core (an avocado pit, let’s say), are the heartbeat, the “essential workers,” the catchphrase of today. Then, layer upon layer, supporting employees are added — the further from the pit, the less essential they become to supporting the core. Layers can start to take on a life of their own, and extensive research reveals a strange irony. The majority of compensation/resources goes to the outer layers — not to the essential employees at the core — the driving force of the business itself.

As we try to spring back from this dire crisis that we find ourselves in, we have a golden opportunity: Start depitting the avocado, toss some of the layers and apply the resources to the essential workers instead. There have been, and will continue to be, cutbacks/layoffs to make the business viable once again — from the bottom.

No, start the cuts from the top, where most of the money is anyway.

David S. Gooding, Normandy Park