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It came as no surprise when Kirkland City Council members voted 6 to 1 to endorse mass transit on the Cross Kirkland Corridor [“Council votes to endorse transit on Cross Kirkland Corridor,” Local News, Jan. 21].

After all, it was the City Council’s idea in the first place. Sound Transit had proposed Bus Rapid Transit on Interstate 405 where it belongs, but the City Council seems to want a bigger piece of the $20 billion Sound Transit 3 project pie. Mass transit on the Cross Kirkland Corridor would accomplish that but, if approved, the Sound Transit 3 measure would also cost Kirkland residents $24 million a year, every year.

And they didn’t bother to first ask Kirkland residents whether they needed or even wanted it. More than 1,700 residents signed a petition saying “no” to buses and trains on this beautiful trail.

If mass transit is put on the Cross Kirkland Corridor, the trail would become an afterthought to a concrete transit thoroughfare destroying wetlands, beautiful canopies of mature trees and the peaceful parklike setting that currently exists.

The Save Our Trails organization is now doing what the City Council neglected to do — reaching out to residents of Kirkland to find out what they want, and making sure that it is communicated loud and clear to Sound Transit.

Sharon Riddle, Kirkland