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I recently read one of several articles regarding earthquakes in the area [“Seismic neglect,” Page One, May 15]. Waiting for the big one and references of the Cascadia Subduction Zone are often the headlines that I see in respect to the concerns that have arisen recently. Yes, there are many unknowns in such an event: loss of life, infrastructure and myriad other potential calamities.

In these articles, the primary focus is the west side of the state. But, there seems to be little said of the interior of the state — an area that over the epochs of time, has seen much chaos and transformation in its own geological time and geographical terrain.

In saying that, I also want to point to the Columbia River — not only in its own history, but to what it is today. It has also seen earthquake activity nearby, and at one point in particular had a quake centered outside of Entiat. These underground conduits are still there and silently waiting for a nudging from a Cascadian-sized event. I wrote on this topic in my book “The Floodgates” and speak to those who must think outside the box in regard to how far-ranging these events can be.

Daniel Wagner, Ellensburg