There is so much ruckus, so much white noise, so much blather around the efforts to save our blue planet.

Look up! During the day we see the sun, so nice and warm, and it is our light. But our sun actually is a flaming thermonuclear fireball. It’s only nice if you are just the right distance from it, and with just the right balance of atmosphere to cut down its skin-scorching rays.

And the moon! It’s so beautiful that songs and poetry and nursery rhymes have been written about it. It’s a rock, and the only thing beautiful about it is it reflects our thermonuclear ball of fire’s light.

Those stars you see are more thermonuclear fireballs surrounded by more dead rocks.

Our atmosphere is not indestructible! What we have is a relatively delicate balance of atmosphere that can be negatively affected by us to the point it protects us no longer.

So, forget the petty political arguments about climate change, and ask yourself: Do you want to bet that nothing we can do will alter the damage? Do you want to bet your children’s and their children’s, and their children’s children’s futures on it?

Murdoch Hughes, Marysville