Re: “Pandemic exposes our neglect of children, families” [April 26, Opinion]:

Tim Burgess points out that “nowhere are our systemic failures more damaging and longer lasting than in the education of our children,” and he goes on to note research that early learning opportunities in child care and preschool can have a lifetime impact.

As a grandmother and a retired teacher, I couldn’t agree more. And what is true for us is also true for children globally. A bill before Congress, the Global Child Thrive Act (H.R.4864 and S.2715), asks that we integrate proven early childhood development strategies and activities across already existing child-focused international programs, all without asking for additional funding.

As we reflect on what kind of “new normal” we want post-pandemic, let us think both locally and globally, and ask our congresspersons to support this legislation.

Carol Gavareski, Bellingham