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Re: “As U.S. fertility rates collapse, finger-pointing and blame follow”:

Lower U.S. fertility rates are a blessing, not a curse.

The current human population places far too many demands on the earth’s resources. Just by our nature as humans, we leave an outsized footprint, consuming energy and water both directly and indirectly and creating waste.

We can mitigate our outsized impact by moving away from fossil fuels, but every type of energy generation and water usage has significant impacts on ecosystems and needs to be limited. The ultimate solution is to limit our numbers.

Current western economies depend on populations continuously increasing. We need economic innovation that supports gradually decreasing populations to the point where our use of resources is sustainable. We must develop economic models that incorporate emphasis on individual capability in place of ever increasing workforce size, improving the quality of life for everyone now and not depending on future generations to pay for it.

To accomplish this we have to invest in education and career training of younger individuals to compensate for the reduced number of working people.

Sandy Rominger, Des Moines