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I am all in favor of many of the proposed revisions to our laws regarding motorists distracted by the use of handheld devices [“Lawmakers seek to ban motorists’ handheld devices,” NWSunday, Jan. 1]. I especially support greatly increased fines and the provision for reporting violations to insurance companies.

One thing I can’t understand, however, is why more isn’t being done to enforce the laws already on the books. Some days it seems like every third driver I see has a cellphone in their hand or pressed to their ear. It wouldn’t be that hard for police to be issuing tickets almost continuously for this violation alone.

The objection may be raised that we have too few police or that they have more important things to do. However, I believe we could have patrols with the sole purpose of citing drivers for this infraction, with the entire cost of such patrols paid for by the fines collected.

If more tickets were issued, especially if combined with greatly increased fines and reporting to insurance companies, I suspect that use of handheld devices would decline precipitously.

Lawrence McCrone, Bellevue