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It’s not the Showbox but, really, Bed Bath & Beyond is closing? What is happening to our downtown?

I love Nordstrom, but there are only so many clothes to buy. And there are lots of places to shop for clothes. Or to grab a bite to eat. Or to get a pair of glasses. Or to buy a cellphone. But other choices are very limited. We don’t have a Microsoft Store — much less an Apple Store. We don’t even rate a Microsoft kiosk at Pacific Place anymore.

We used to have a Williams-Sonoma, a Pottery Barn and a Restoration Hardware store. Mark’s Hallmark store was an institution on Fourth Avenue. When Williams-Sonoma left Pacific Place, it seemed to signal the beginning of the end of our formerly vibrant downtown retail scene.

I don’t go to malls. I want to shop downtown, and my choices are getting fewer and fewer by the day. Sigh.

Evelyn Lemoine, Seattle